Welcoming Spring

Welcoming Spring

Rabbits are all about Spring! Easter cards are a reminder that the wild bunnies are out and about and increasing in number. Spring can make our domesticated rabbits a bit more frisky. They might dig more, make nests and hope to mate even if they are neutered. Also, very excitingly, there is grass growing again!

With a general excitement in the air so it is good to plan a new set up in Spring. Our rabbits have been out all year anyway, but they love a change and some new items to explore. As such, we added the lookout box to the system. We popped ours on a convenient table but we intend to make a simple strong stand for these as well. With a tray inside it could contain soil or hay, and the height means the rabbits can safely peep out being higher than any danger.

An underground location is another option - often I am asked about burying pipe, and it is a great thing to do! It is a steady temperature underground that is helpful when it is very hot or very cold. It's a perfect hiding place from passing predators or any temporary fright. You can shallow bury a section of pipe or run it though a mound, even turfing around a piece works too. Alternatively, placing a section of pipe inside a larger piece of pipe creates an easy dart hole - such as the pipe sleeve.

Some customers have half buried the hay hutch which is pretty nice for the rabbits as it is a natural situation for them to have their meeting place under the ground, temperature controlled!

It is interesting to note where the rabbits are and when. If you came during daytime to see our rabbits at the moment you could be forgiven for thinking ours live in the clear dig. They are there a lot just now as in cooler conditions they enjoy the winter sun through the perspex sides.

In summer they are more likely to be in the run under shade and at night they prefer to go up to rest in the Top Box or the new Look-out box. All these options are happily connected up via connection kits meaning our rabbits have a lot of choice and we can enjoy seeing what they use and when.

Free play is part of their day as well when we clean out and move the equipment around. It is particularly rewarding to see rabbits choose to go back in their runaround after being free. If they vote with their paws to return home I feel we have done right by them and we look forward to learning more about them through this Spring and Summer.

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