Celebrating Rabbit Awareness Week 2022

"Room for Rabbits" June 27th - July 1st

Connection Kits

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furries our Runaround Connection Kits are the best way to connect your hutch or enclosure to a run! Our connections give your pet the freedom they love and allow them to exhibit their natural behaviours whether indoors our outdoors. We've made sure they're sturdy and long-lasting too!

"Just installed a connection kit from hutch to run and have two very happy bunnies. It arrived quickly and was really easy to install (the video on the website was very helpful) and feels really secure." Lisa Farrier 

Rabbit Runs

Rabbits love to stretch their legs and our rabbit runs give them the perfect chance to do that! Rabbit runs come in a variety of a shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

"We have just installed the runaround tunnel to connect up the second run to their hutch and the buns LOVE it! The wire end was super easy to attach and the wood fixing was fine once we had cut the hole! We also bought a den pipe and a hay tube, the hay tube is great, takes up hardly any space but holds plenty of hay! All items arrived quickly and well packaged! 5 Stars!" Katherine Wilson

Runaround's Design

Keeping your pets safe is the main focus of our product design. Therefore, we only use quality materials which will last and do not suffer rot like wood.

All mesh is 3mm, pre-galvanised, weld wire – meaning it will not rust and can last over 10 years. 

Moreover, acrylic Doors are robust, designed to securely hold your pipe connection to mesh or wooden surfaces.