Runs, hutches, rabbit and guinea housing with freedom and flexibility – Runaround: Rabbit and Guinea Pig Runs

Runaround: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Small Furries

Runaround (launched 2010) is the original connective rabbit run system that can connect any hutch to any run with our original Connection kit. This is possible with a Runaround door  (which has a closure and easily connects to and disconnects from pipe) and burrow pipe (which is strong and durable) and safely transports your pet out of its hutch, Top Box or Hay Hutch and into the run.

For orders over £350 there is a 5% large order discount. You can take advantage of this by adding on Runaround tunnels, hides and runs to increase the distance your rabbit can travel or go for a complete overland warren with lots to do! All Runaround is strong yet light, easy to move and our strong mesh runs are durable having no wooden parts.  

Runaround is made in England by a small family team with over 10 years of experience providing innovative and long lasting rabbit housing and runs, always striving to improve animal welfare and security. 

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The Runaround Design

Keeping your bunnies safe is the cornerstone of our product design at Runaround, therefore we use quality materials which will last and do not suffer rot like wood.

All mesh used is 3mm, pre-galvanised, weld wire mesh – meaning it will not rust and can last over 10 years. The spaces are 3 x 1 inches to guard from ferrets and stoats. 

Acrylic used in the Runaround Door and other products is robust, designed to securely hold your pipe connection to mesh or wooden surfaces. 

We also encourage the use of multiple exits as this choice ensures your rabbits always has somewhere to go in order, helping them to feel safer from predators such as foxes.

Hiding places, such as a simple pipe sleeve, provide spaces for you rabbits to completely hide from a predator, something which is essential to a prey animal. 

Runaround offers a variety of interesting spaces

The main goal of Runaround is to help pet owners provide a more natural way of living for their rabbits or other small furries so that they can enjoy a higher quality of life.

One of the ways we achieve this is by providing interesting spaces for your rabbits to enjoy, such as the Clear Dig pictured below.

Help your rabbits grow in confidence by giving them more space!

Rabbits will show more character if they have constant access to the right food, grass, adequate  space and interesting hiding places.

Runaround encourages the use of multiple exits as this help rabbits to feel more secure from predators.

Additionally, a more diverse environment is more interesting for your rabbits to explore!