Post Covid

Post Covid

Has anyone found rabbits reassuring during the pandemic? I find animals (especially wild ones) a great encouragement when things aren't the same. They continue with the usual zest for life.

There is nothing like a hare racing across a field in front of you to make you see the day in a completely new way. I used to feel very happy when I could go up and listen to our free range chickens chortling to one another. This would made my personal worries seem like a lot less.

I wonder if being at home more has made us closer to our pets generally, and if this will be affected by a return to the usual pace of life with all its diversions. 

Our dog seems a lot happier now we work and school from home. He is rarely alone any more. We have had a bit more time to sit and watch the rabbits in free play. It was so easy to be 'very busy' before and on the move. There was almost a worry of being left behind if you weren't totally occupied.

Yet beauty is in not found in rushing but in enjoying doing things well. Animals seem to do this on the whole. They are busy I suspect but with a natural pace that makes them appear relaxed.

Maybe they don't worry about the neighbours as much as us - unless they are after their territory! We are also capable of court boundary disputes - it is an instinctive protection of your space so we share this anxiety.

I look forward to the end of the present lock down and a bit of normality returning but I intend to carry on making time work better. Looking after our pets will still be the top priority - but I will add 'no rushing' or 'fitting it in'. Let us see if it makes me a better owner!

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