Rabbit Habit

Rabbit Habit

Seasonal? Maybe they are! Our rabbits spent a lot of time in winter in the top box and the clear dig but a change of weather and they are almost full time in the lookout box and the 8x4 elevated tray.

Teddy is fond of the lookout and it fits just him when he wants time away from the lively Polar! (respect for Ted at age 11, Polar 5)

The guinea pigs who were always in the hay hutch in winter are now permanently in the 4ft run. It's great to see them choosing their areas to suit the temperature. Everything is still available if they change their minds!

One of my favourite items that the rabbits don't have currently was the mesh tunnel to den pipe back to mesh tunnel link. I loved watching them hop through!

I think I might pop one of these back in the system during the summer or autumn as it was fun. We had quite a long one once and called it the exercise link. There was a video of the 4 buns all jumping through after one another which I will pop on facebook again as it was fun to watch!

I love it when the grass is growing, it is a very happy season with bunnies, always something tasty to eat that is simply growing free.



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