A Hutch is Not Enough

A Hutch is Not Enough

Around 9 years ago in 2011, we helped the RWAF promote the 'Hutch is Not Enough" campaign. We created the video shown at the bottom of this page, aimed at inspiring people to improve the welfare of rabbits and other small animals. 

Our own rabbits starred in the video, namely our bonded couple "Rat" and "Lion". We compared the life of rabbits kept alone in hutch to what their lives could be like if they were cared for properly.

Rat was the main feature of the video and she gave a wonderful performance, especially looking very sorry for herself in the hutch, resonating with viewers. We remember her disgust at being locked in the hutch for all of five minutes! That really makes you think about the rabbits with less choice than her.

Fortunately, the tone quickly changes when Rat is bonded with Lion and placed into an outdoor run-setup. They move around in a more natural way, exhibit relaxed behaviour and show how fun and curious bunnies can be when given the space they deserve! 

However, it's hard to forget the lasting image of Rat left alone in her hutch, as so many rabbits are in the UK and worldwide. We feel like despite this campaign being almost a decade old, the message is still very relevant. 

There are too many rabbits living in hutches in the UK, and far too many rabbits in rescues. Looking after animals in a way that they feel safe yet free is not only the right thing to do but very rewarding and we have learnt so much in ten years and we are still learning!


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