5 things about our Connection Kit

connection kit

 Number 1

The Connection Kit is our original product, created over 10 years ago... linking  hutch to run to give rabbits some necessary freedom & extra safety by not being trapped in one place. We made it with bendy pipe so it could transport rabbits trapped in a hutch down to their run for some exercise, grass and fresh air with the ability to return if it poured down. It solved the problem of the owner remembering to pop them out in the run and also the difficulty of transfer as rabbits would much rather take themselves there. It also meant they could come back as they wished.

Number 2

Burrow Pipe enables creative connections whilst also draining any water that enters and remaining ventilated. It could bend over small walls and corners and being ridged we found the rabbits were expert climbers and descenders at just about any angle. We find they often choose the pipe when frightened over other hiding areas so we made a pipe sleeve to hide them in the centre of the pipe. This became a great fox deterrent and the rabbits feel comfortable as the pipe fits round them protectively.

Number 3

Slide-in closures make blocking the door fast and easy, for you to clean /change set-up or catch your rabbit when required. The door releases the pipe easily when you wish to remove it for any reason. However, when in use It holds the pipe robustly.

Number 4

Doors fit onto any Runaround product, hutch, shed and the doors are so versatile you can even connect to walls with longer fixings and a handy plumber to drill a pipe hole. Doors have even been placed on double glazing to exit conservatories. Our doors can be double glazed themselves and close on two sides - for ease of use or for extra warmth.

Number 5

With Deluxe Connections you receive two connection kits and a fun central item, such as a Hay Hutch, Mesh Tunnels or a Look Out Post. The product as a whole is discounted and offers you a longer link which increases the routes you can take around the garden to the run. More places to be / hide and more fun for both the rabbits and the owner!

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