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If you don’t currently have a set-up, then you should consider Runaround’s complete systems that can provide your rabbits with everything that they will need. All our products are built to last and we focus on the use of quality materials. For example, our mesh is 3mm pre-galvanised weld wire mesh, meaning it will not rust and can last over 10 years.

Our systems also focus on providing different directions for your rabbits to travel in, something which is especially important to prey animals who can become frightened easily if they feel trapped.

The different components of these runs are connected together using our original Connection Kit. This connection uses two strong acrylic doors that ensure the pipe is held safely in position, providing protection from predators. 

The Runaround Doors also include a sliding closure panel that allows you to quickly close the exit to the pipe and keep your rabbits in a specific location, for example, if you need to clean out a housing area.

These set-ups will give your rabbits lots to do and keep them entertained. The flexible pipes provided also make it easier for you to move your rabbit runs and get your rabbits onto fresh grass.

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