I have a Run

If you already have a rabbit run, connecting this system to one of the several housing units that Runaround designs will give your rabbits a space to rest and hide from the weather.

Our own experience has found that rabbits prefer the comfort of a Top Box to that of a hutch. The Top Box is well insulated, waterproof, and easy to access and clean. The two exits which link to the base box are especially important to your rabbits' well-being as they offer different directions to escape in. This reduces the potential stress your rabbits make experience if an unwanted fox is nearby.

All Runaround housing units are especially sturdy and built to last. The products below incorporate these products with connections to link up to your run.   

The ‘Connection’ products use a Connection Kit that simply links your two enclosures, using two strong acrylic doors which ensure the pipe is held safely in position, providing protection from predators.

The Runaround Doors also include a sliding closure panel that allows you to quickly close the exit to the pipe and keep your rabbits in a specific location, for example, if you need to clean out a housing area.

The Deluxe Connections build on this concept and use two connections along with an additional space to offer a more interesting way to connect your enclosures.

I have a Run
I have a Run


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