I have a Hutch and Run

If you already have a rabbit housing unit and run (or simply two separate enclosures) a variation of a Connection Kit will allow your rabbits to travel freely between their separate spaces. The original Connection Kit simply connects your two enclosures, using two strong acrylic doors that ensure the pipe is held safely in position, providing protection from predators. 

The Runaround Doors also include a sliding closure panel that allows you to quickly close the exit to the pipe and keep your rabbits in a specific location, for example, if you need to clean out a housing area.

Deluxe Connection Kit systems build on this connection and offer a more interesting way to connect your two enclosures. Each Deluxe product includes two connection kits with a different central component, for example, the Deluxe Connection Kit 1 uses a Mesh Tunnel.

These Deluxe systems are easy to move as the two lengths of pipe provide ample flexibility to manoeuvre your run and tunnel.