I have a Hutch

If you already have a hutch or housing unit, a connection to a run is a great way to help your rabbits get the exercise they need. Runaround makes a variety of mesh runs and tunnels that make interesting spaces for your bunnies to explore.

A simple way to begin is with a Starter Kit, which uses a Connection Kit to link to a Run measuring 4ft Square (1.22m Square) or 8ft x 4ft (1.22m x 2.44m).

The ‘Connection’ products use a Connection Kit that simply links your two enclosures, using two strong acrylic doors that ensure the pipe is held safely in position, providing protection from predators.

The Runaround Doors also include a sliding closure panel that allows you to quickly close the exit to the pipe and keep your rabbits in a specific location, for example, if you need to clean out a housing area.


I have a Hutch
I have a Hutch

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