Pet Shows

Pet Shows

It is a shame we have not going to The National Pet Show this November as expected.

We started by going to the London show some years ago and on a 3 x 1m stand. It was a bit of a squeeze! We had only a little example of equipment on display then but since those days the event has grown and so has our contribution to it.

The event organisers got us all together to work out a welfare friendly area for rabbits and guinea pigs to demonstrate their needs and natures. It was inspired by the RWAF with Woodgreen Animal Charity and Burgess Pet Care who sponsor Small Furries at the show. This led to Woodgreen's guinea pig garden packed with forage and plants and natural cover and our Secret Garden.

Following the suspension of the popular rabbit show jumping we tried to think up an area that would still entertain the visitors but also be enjoyed by bunnies. This resulted in our building a grass mound which is the central feature of our stand where rabbits run, jump, hide and wriggle through burrows into the hill just like they would in the natural world.

We have made a few of these gardens now, slightly changing them and improving year on year. We still look like we've been down the burrow ourselves after constructing it with fresh turf. The rabbits love it however.

Each year Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue have brought either a bunch of lively youngsters or their bonded group of resident bunnies with various heath issues to enjoy the space. The rabbits stay the weekend and Fat Fluff's have a vet comes in to administer any medication they need during the two days.

These rabbits did not disappoint! They raced around the hill, jumped over the willow fences and also ran up and down and around the mound collecting herbs and willow. Their antics kept everybody busy watching! It was hard to take your eyes off them when they sprang into action.

We are very grateful to the team at Fat Fluffs and miss seeing them and their bunnies this year for the obvious lockdown reasons. Let us hope we can do this adventure again next November and meet with all our lovely customers again too.

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