Who's comes first?

Who's comes first?

Today is earth day - a day in which we reflect on how we are changing the planet with our activities. Green issues have never been so high and yet there is an irrepressible force for continuing to do the wrong thing because we have quickly adapted to living the way we do.

Some of us might welcome a slow down, less planes, slower journeys, less technology but it is unlikely many of us will all want to go back in time as it could easily be viewed. Some developments may help to save the earth such as inventing ways to feed the human population without using more resources.

One of the gaping realities of life is that we do view the world and everything on it as ours for the taking and often forget how much we rely on it being an unchanging refuge.  Good custodians relate not to ownership but care of something for the time it is in their grasp (in this case the earth while we are alive!)

I prefer to think of custodianship with my relationship to my pets. We are blessed to look after them for the time and we must consider what they are here for rather than what we desire from them. There are already so many animals in rescue because of over breeding that it is our duty now to rescue not buy. It is our duty not to breed unnatural features for a desired look, especially if it affects their health, as it often does.

Rabbits are still closely related to their wild cousins, in so many ways, that to deprive them of their natural instincts seems unkind. By this I would say being outside listening to the natural world. The sounds of this are important to any of earth's creatures including us. 

We need company and so do our pets - we could be that company but what if they prefer their own kind? Seeing rabbits feeling at home and doing what comes naturally is something I feel we can all enjoy so there is no lack of attachment if they live together rather more independently from us.

We earn their respect and trust and I am forever gauging the right amount of contact and what is just imposing on them. I prefer being nearby and meeting them on their own terms. If the bunny comes to you it is so much more flattering!

So maybe we need to look around us and rein back our speed and appreciate and learn from the pace and the needs of the natural world and the many varied animals that live in it. Wouldn't that make a wonderful difference to life.

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