Animal Teachers

Animal Teachers

Just bathing Polar's sore eye this morning and I took my time until she was so relaxed that she simply would have sat on my knee for the rest of the morning or another hour maybe!

Made me think human beings are always in a rush and animals often remind us to slow down and take stock. The philosophers of old often thought we should adapt ourselves to the rhythms of the natural world.

As we approach September (post our holidays when we are glad to be out of routine and able to relax and think) it is good to make plans for the working months and remember nothing is gained from charging ahead without making time for ourselves and other creatures.

We are only another creature ourselves and part of the natural rhythm of things whether we like to be or not. There is always time to wait for things to happen in the natural world. In our instant world that could be perceived as a kind of boredom. Beneath the surface, however, things are being made and erupting all the time - nature is very busy and surprising, not ever really asleep, the pauses are not idle.

When we relax we may have our best thoughts and when we connect to our fellow creatures I think we are at our best.

So I am grateful to Polar and our time with her eye. She reminded me to stop for a minute today!

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