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I ordered a connecting tube, and it’s fantastic. It was simple to attach and the Guinea Pigs are enjoying the freedom


Mel's bunny has been charging through the connection since it went up. We made the door clover a bit larger to suit her 8 inch exit but it still fits the 6 inch pipe which was the right size for her bunny.



Belinda's rabbits Daisy (9) and Henry (7) love it. She has sent us some pictures of them enjoying their whole set up.

 Thank you to our customer Rob for these really excellent pictures and his recommendation too. "Just a little email to say thank you for your fantastic product. As you can see from the photos, the bunnies are really enjoying running up and down the tube. It gives them so much more freedom and exercise. It also means that when we go on holiday they still get to 'run around' as the system allows for anyone to come and open up and close them in their hutch and night without having to be given the run around by the bunnies them selves!! We will definitely be recommending your product to others."



Paul's superb rabbit runaround - Binkle and Flip can set off from the hay hutch in the shade here all the way across several runs to the top box ending point.







We have a bit of a guinea pig trail going on here! Generous owner of eight guinea pigs, Stuart, has made as much room as possible for them in his back garden.


Stephan's 4 door Hay hutch in Switzerland! 


Thank you, it looks great. Stephanie 








Thank you so much for my brilliant pipe! My Guinea pigs

love it and run though it so fast! Thank you for an excellent service. Jessica. 


Binkle and Flip are enjoying their new runaround system. They've been up and down the staircases and are loving it. The old wooden hutch is ready for the tip! Your Runaround is brilliant, and thank you for all your help with my orders! I'm now planning B&F's Phase 3 Development! Kind regards, Paul 


Isle of Mann bunnies here in their levely set up and garden. Thanks to Mike for sending pictures. 


Emma's large and small connection kits link to adjoining runs here allowing bunnies to meet and chat 


Plenty of pipe connections for Jade's bunnies - extensions happen very often in this happy bunny camp! 


What lucky buns have we here belonging to Jo. She has invented a huge connective run for them including many large and different areas. Even including a buried section of pipe and big runs! 


Storm Bunny has this new set up and is awaiting a new mate to explore it with him.The hutch is round the corner! 


I found out about Runaround a couple of years ago and although my current garden couldn’t accommodate a Runaround set-up, I always had in mind that when I had a big enough garden this was what I wanted for my two rescue rabbits. I had, and still have, seen nothing on the market that compares in terms of meeting rabbits’ needs, ingenious design, and great quality and value for money. I am very anti-hutches and my rabbits are house rabbits (who go in the garden), so I remain appalled at the tiny runs that are sold and considered to be big enough for rabbits to exercise in. With Runaround, however, the set-up is being produced by rabbit lovers and rabbit owners, and this means that with their brilliant designs you can be as creative and indulgent as space and money permit! 


I wanted the bunnies to have access both to the house/the run and their bunny shed 24/7, so the plan was to connect a tube to my back door which would enable them to go in and out as they please. Caroline incorporated this into the plan and once we had agreed it, she and her husband were super-efficient about getting everything delivered when I was hoping. I admit I was worried about putting it together as I am not very DIY-minded, but, although it did take me a long time (I was on my own!) the instructions were clear and easy to follow and frankly if I can build a set-up, then anyone can! 


Anyway, onto the really important bit: the bunnies…. In my old house although the garden was secure and they used a cat flap they spent very little time outside I am sure because they didn’t feel secure out there. With the Runaround set-up it is completely different! It took them a little while to figure out how it all links up, and for a while they wouldn’t go into the hay hutch, but that swiftly changed and I knew they had fallen for the hay hutch when one night I struggled to get them in only to find them nestled up snug as you like in the hay hutch as it rapidly turned into night outside! 


At the moment the weather is hot and I think they spend almost all their day outside lying in their favourite spots (they already have them – even after only a couple of weeks) in the runaround. Also – and this shows how much they love it - they also often choose to go in the run when the doors are open and they could run around the garden. I assume because they feel safe in there. I could not be more delighted. I work full-time but am happy in the knowledge that my rabbits can go in the house/in the garden whenever they want. They have loads of space (and bimble round the garden with the doors to the run open when I’m home) and really love the set-up – as the pictures show! I have not a bad word to say about this brilliant company and their wonderful products. All bunnies should have them!’ Bryony 


The Binky Box awaits the arrival of its occupant tomorrow! Thanks to Colin for his photo here. 



As promised please find attached a photo of my 3 adopted brother piggies enjoying their freedom. Mary



Just a quick email to show you some pictures of our runaround setup! The bunnies (Rosie and George) are in their element! I love hearing them come through the burrow pipe in a morning and then come back into their hutch when they know it's breakfast time! All we need now is a few more toys! Thank you also for your helpful service.



Here's a picture of the runaround connection kit, connecting the hutch and run for Vlekje (white rabbit with spots) and Chips (brown rabbit). Greetings from near Amsterdam, The Netherlands! Alice van Kooten



You have a revolutionary product and my buns make a happy "honking noise" when I open the magic door to their outside run :)



Ash and Luna's hutch. Thanks to Sam for these photos



They just love it, problems is, I can't get them OUT of it at bedtime!! Thank you Julie for these pictures



Fudge Bunny likes to jump over his runaround in his free play time! Thanks to Rachel for this photo of him.



Thank you Rachel for pictures of Teasel her negotiating his pipe



We have made it so they can either just hop through onto the grass while we're outside with them, or if we're not out with them all the time, they have your wonderful burrow pipe to crawl through! Today was the first day I've seen a bun enter from both ends and meet in the middle, although it might be a squeeze for 2kg + buns to turn round inside or pass each other, it's certainly possible! And I love watching the little tube move as they walk through then pop out the other side!



I hope these pictures do your wonderful products justice. Maple and Teasel certainly approve. So thank you again! Rachel. 



We bought a 4' binky circuit from Runaround about a year ago for our two rescue bunnies .They are house rabbits but we love to put them in the run outside on the lawn when we can as it's so much more natural for them. For the first few months we split the circuit so that they actually had two adjoining areas to chat through as they had become rather "unbonded".  However in the last few weeks they are getting on so well together again that we have given them whole circuit to share. It is so lovely to see them racing around together and doing binkies in the box. The Runaround system is such a brilliant invention we wanted to thank you for providing such a safe and well thought-out way of letting rabbits thrive. Judith



Hi just thought I'd email you pics of Vanessa, our nearly 2 yr old Lop. She loves her tunnels and runs... She will shortly be coming home with her new 5 yr old bunny husband Rambo (so we may be ordering more bits !!)


Just thought I would forward a few pictures of our runaround in action. I always dreamt of having my own Bunny Shed as a child. It has taken 28 years for it to finally come true and it is everything I hoped it would be! The difference in my rabbits is unbelievable. Many thanks for your top quality products and for all the bunny lives you are transforming! You are an inspiration! 



Enjoying a grass filled hay tube



I love the runaround system because it provides rabbits with an enriched and varied environment so that they have the freedom to express their normal behaviour"  Clare Rusbridge MRCVS  


Bunnies Zach and Zara have just been settled into their new home from the RSPCA



It is brilliant and our bunnies absolutely love it and they can now come and go as they please. Oliver and Maia



Laura's connection. I finally got my round around set up yesterday evening and the bunnies love it. They went straight through the pipes with no hesitation. I have two very happy bunnies! Such a brilliant idea and so simple to put together. Thank you for all your help  




Smokey-Joe and Poppy (the green house with silver run) Mocha and Shimmer (the blue house with brown run) have been using their tunnels regularly and enjoy going to their different areas. Smokey-Joe and Poppy love to sunbathe together, but Mocha and Shimmer are more active, so they have an extra 'outdoor' area which they are allowed in when we are around to supervise. They also still have their tunnel to their enclosed run 24/7, so life is not bad eh? 



Thought you might like to see our set up in a small garden! The hutch is behind the shed. Honey is very very happy and loves her tunnels!  It is so much easier for me as well. 



Heather has created a chatting wall for four separate buns prior to bonding. The interest is high!


If chatting isn't for you - just go back to your own hutch! 



Claire's bunny enjoys the grass in his new 8x4ft Binky Box 



Grozone Landscape Design designed this garden with particular attention to bunnies. The lucky buns have a circuit burrow style run through mesh tunnels and pipes below the decking level from which they access their large run and shed. All designed to be able to be cleaned and accessed when necessary. 



Thank you Kevin for his lovely housing pictures with runaround connections here. He also foster bunnies for Fat Fluffs. 



Abi Of Paws for Pet Supplies has a fantastic bunny hotel complete with runaround staircase!  



Nicola's guinea pig enjoying the Runaround



You cant really see the size of the bank that the tubes run down to the run, but you can clearly see that all 3 pipes are used. My wife loves it! Peter



As you can see our rabbit Dillon is a very large rabbit but he loves the freedom. Flies down the pipe. When we attach the pipe to another cage he knocks the plastic disc on his hutch with his nose to get our attention. Loves lazing in the run and they love the high tunnel. Debbie



Unusually Kayleigh made a hole in the high tunnel and connected the bridge link onto it from the plastic shelter. 



Glen's exciting long route to the Binky Box! 



At first my two wouldn't go near and then all of a sudden Moby shot through it and Mumbles followed :) All I could hear last night was the rattling of their claws on the plastic. It's definitely helpful to people who don't have a lot of garden space like us and has given something new for them to play with which is relative to their natural lifestyle.



Honey and Snowy at the chatting wall while they are bonding. 



Hi, just thought I would send you a picture of the recent runaround system I ordered - as you can see it is also cat-proof!  Our new rabbit Stitch (9 weeks old) loves it. I cannot rate this system highly enough, and it was simple to put together.



We put the combination together and the rabbits love it. It is so robust and a brilliant design, so thank you from us, the rabbits and rabbits everywhere.



The grassy knoll and burrow. I've used the pipe & door to connect Arthur's new home to a run. As you can see from the picture he's not quite installed yet, but our cat, Jess, approves of the new set up :) 



Please find enclosed a photo of Harvey & Hartley in their new run, we shall be adding on at a later date, we first saw the set up at the London Pet Show, well done on this idea we all love it. 



So pleased with it!  Bennie and Black-Jack have only been together for 7 days but have settled well and just instinctively used the tunnels no problem, they speed through them!



Still love those rabbit runs, took this photo of Eric. Made us smile. 'A rabbit moonie', to much carrot juice we think.....



Found  a spot in the sun!



Thank you for a good, safe, and simple solution.



With thanks from Snowy and Heather, wahey!!!



Well, the first part of the Runaround system has now been installed, and Misty is loving it! I've attached a few photos to show you. My husband is now keen to buy some of the mesh tunnels to extend the run up the garden - I'm not sure we'll have a much of a garden left by the time he's finished ;-) The next part of the plan it to get Misty spayed so that we can get her a companion!



You'll also see - amusingly - that the bunnies love to sit in the tunnel. Goodness knows why, but we suspect it's because they have two escape routes - down each of the pipes - and they know we can't get to them there. All the room they have in the runs and the hutch and this is now their favourite place. 











They love it thank you !  My husband thought I was mad but I caught him sitting on the seat waiting for them to pop out !  He said he was impressed with the whole idea and set up.








Just wanted to thank you so much for your fantastic products - they have helped us to create a fab indoor rabbit run. Thought I’d share the photos with you as you mainly market your products for outdoor use but they are just as good being used indoor too!