Mesh Tunnel (Wide)

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  • 1 Wide Mesh Tunnel 
  • Ratchet Clips and Ground Pegs 

The perfect safe space for your bunnies or small furries, a great place to forage and explore! This mesh tunnel is 4ft long and has a centre height of 18" (45.7cm) and width of 16" (40.6cm).

Built from 10 gauge (3mm) galvanised weld wire mesh that is strong and durable, meaning it will not rust and can last over 10 years.

The 3x1 inch spaces are designed to keep out predators, such as foxes and stoats.

There is a 3-inch return (bend back) on the base to help stabilise the tunnel and provide a place to peg your run into soft ground. 

Tunnels connect to other tunnels and runs with ratchet clips, a secure fastening you can undo when required. We supply ratchet clips and ground pegs with your tunnel purchase. 

You can even connect to the pipe through the use of a tunnel adapter end. You will still need a door or pipe clamp to hold the pipe securely. 

Now available with a hatch opening for ease of access. (See last picture)


Add a Den Pipe to make an exciting space where your rabbits can tunnel for sleeping in or jumping through or underneath (add den suspension kit).

A door or pipe clamp is necessary to hold the pipe securely.  If requiring the tunnel to be an end in itself add a Door Blocker. Can also now connect to den pipe with the Wide Den Connector.