Tall Tunnel

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The Tall Tunnel is 81cm high (32-inch).

The base area is 60cm x 120cm (2ft x 4ft). You can increase the 4ft length easily by linking tunnels together - making the longest run / house you want!

Suitable for narrow gardens or linking different enclosures. 

You can add a tray from 2ft sq to 4ft x 2ft so that the rabbits can pass underneath it and jump in and out sitting on mesh supports.

The connecting end can be fitted with a normal 6-inch exit, suitable for Runaround Doors or Pipe Clamps.

Alternatively, a larger opening door 30cm Square (12" sq) with a mesh closure hinged on. Our exits are usually 3 inches up.

The optional "Hatch" is a 50cm x 23cm (20" x 9") hinged opening on the side of the tunnel that provides easy access inside, perfect for placing food or treats!

Optional: Tunnel Covers - available in green, grey with option for clear sides and ends.

Optional Raised Tray (a 2ft or 4ft one) or a burrow tray which has an exit in it.

This tunnel gives flexibility as you can cover sections of it to floor level and rain will not collect on the curved shape. So you can make a weather proof running space which is outside where rabbits like to be. 

Den pipe (suspended) could easily be added at the side for hiding also.