Runaround: Rabbit and Guinea Pig Runs

Sliding Door Conversion

A simple two part addition you can add to your existing door be it single or double, to convert it into a sliding door.


U shape spacer

Sliding Door Closure

Top thick clamp with square cut

Thin top clamp with square cut.

Locking key

40mm screws

4 Nuts and a wingnut with spring washer

It creates a gap so that the door can be closed easily without removing the pipe from the outside of the run or hutch. A double door can have this addition and retain its swivel clip closure on the inside as well. If you wish to do this you will need a longer screws so please tell us! We would assume in most circumstances you would not need two options to close so we send screws to fit mesh or wood for the sliding closure only. This makes it easier to catch your bunny or guinea pig as you have a swifter control over the doorways. Comes with suitable length screws to add to your existing door. Also available for Mark 3. (Any door purchased before September 28th 2015 will be Mark 3)

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What is runaround?

Runaround is a connective rabbit or guinea pig run system that can attach any hutch to any run. This is possible with a Runaround door and burrow pipe which safely transports your pet out of its hutch and into the run. Add on Runaround tunnels to increase the distance your pet can travel or go for a complete overland warren with den pipe digs and hay hutches, and Top Boxes all adding lots to do!

Your pet shows more of its character and has constant access to the perfect food, grass, as well as more exercise and interest.

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