Flat Roof Covers for Runs

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  • Our old roof shade design (made for FLAT roofs) which can also be used on the curved roof if preferred. 
  • Full Roof shades in strong rip proof PVC for the 30" box 4ft x 30", 78 x 30", 4ft sq and 8 x 4ft run in various colours including the new Light Grey which is a very efficient new material as used for the Top Box with a View. Clear material is available now - we don't offer it generally for roof covers as it wouldn't provide shade from sun but you can email us if you need clear when it isn't listed here.

Choose 4ft by 30" for the 78" box as it covers the majority of the box.

The covers are not made to fit all the corners on our runs but drop down on the two longer sides and clip on with bungee clips.

Choose the 4ft x 54" shade for a partial shade for the 8x4ft. This covers half the roof but allows for some sun.

We recommend that you add a Curved Roof Lift. These fit across a 4ft or 36" span and lift up in a curve to support the cover so rain is dispersed. 2 are recommended for the 8x4ft run.

Side covers are suitable for the 30" high run as a default. Please indicate if you require the 24" high version requiring a 24" drop.

Clear side drops can now be bought attached to the roof covers. As a default these fit 30" high runs so indicate any variations on your order please. They are especially helpful for protecting the burrow tray or simply keeping wind and rain out of one end. Able to be rolled up in really gusty or hot weather.