Rabbit & Guinea Pig Mound – Runaround: Rabbit and Guinea Pig Runs
runaround mound hill burrow
runaround mound hill burrow
runaround mound hill burrow
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door blue
door clear
door fluorescent
door purple
door grey
natural hole
door w
door lilac frost
door pink frost
door white black
door black
door orange
Runaround: Rabbit and Guinea Pig Runs

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Mound

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Rather like a hill in a famous children's TV programme - the mound is a galvanised wire construction in two parts which you can decide to cover in turf or hemp or weave willow to make a fun hide for your rabbits. We usually put turf over and add a couple of large runaround doors to highlight the way in and out. For ultimate fun fill with peat to make a turfed over burrow area. It may encourage diggers to dig here rather than elsewhere.

Available here as a basic construction for you to embellish at home. If you wish to connect pipe to the doors then order the doors separately according to your needs.

Measures 32.5 inches across and 18 inches high.

Supplied with fixings to clamp it together and ground pegs. Add doors with the mound for decorative use only. If you wish for a variety of coloured doors around the hill just request by email or an order note. We send 60mm screws - anticipating the fixings are going through turf. If you need shorter ones please ask.

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