Deluxe Connection - Double Mesh Tunnel

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  • 2 x Connection Kits (4 x doors and two pipes)
  • 2 x Clear Closures
  • 2 x Mesh Tunnel, 2 x Tunnel Adapter Ends and Ground Pegs (If Wide, One Tunnel includes a hatch opening)
  • 1 x Tunnel canvas shade 
  • Ratchet Clips

The link uses two Connection Kits and two Mesh Tunnels to easily connect your hutch and run (or any two separate enclosures). The two pipes give you enough flex to easily move both your run and tunnels, especially when using longer lengths of pipe.

6” pipe suits most Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and other small furries. For large rabbits heavier than 4kg, such as Continental Giants, we advise that you use 8” pipe.

Tunnels are 4ft in length and are the ideal place for your Rabbits to stretch their legs and enjoy some outdoor foraging. One tunnel comes with a canvas shade, creating a sheltered space for your rabbits to rest outside with protection from rain or sun. The Wide Tunnels offer more space and one tunnel includes a hatch opening which allows easy access to the inside of your tunnel. All mesh is pre-galvanised, 3mm with 3x1 inch spaces. This means it will not rust and can last for over 10 years. 

Also available with only 1 mesh tunnel, see Deluxe Connection - Mesh Tunnel

When choosing colours we give one option but are happy to send you up to four different coloured doors. (order note required)


    Highly recommended for extra security Pipe Sleeve

    You may wish to add Suspended Den Pipe

    (First photo uses 6" Pipe and Wide Tunnels) 

    How to Connect your Runaround Door