Pipe Joiner

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A double clamp which fastens two lengths of Runaround Burrow Pipe together.

The advantage of this joiner is that you can unscrew it when you wish to have a separate lengths of pipe again. Now comes ready assembled for your use.

Standard Joiner - Connects 2 lengths of the standard width 6" Burrow Pipe

Standard Lift Joiner - Joins and lifts 6" Burrow Pipe 

Large Joiner - Connects 2 lengths of the larger 8" Burrow Pipe (bigger bunnies)

Large Lift Joiner -  Joins and lifts 8" Burrow Pipe 

6-8 Inch Joiner - Connects 2 lengths of different width Burrow Pipe 

Ferret 4" - Connects 2 lengths of 4" ferret Burrow Pipe