Curved Roof Upgrade

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The ideal roof is curved for rain dispersal and making your run higher as a consequence. We are offering the new curved roof to replace the flat, sending a tool out for fixing.

Also consider a step in zone for the price of the shipping. We can alter one side of your run to incorporate the new easy step in.

We will take back your roof and side mesh for re-use as seconds and for rescues.

Mesh curved roof lifts are still available but we have made them wider so they work better. They also sit on top of your flat roof. Supplied with cable ties for fixing.

  • 8ft x 4ft run - 3 x 4ft roof lifts
  • 4ft run - 2 x 4ft roof lifts
  • 24 & 30" - 1 roof lift 
  • Use only flat run covers with roof lifts, fitted or flat can be used with a full curved roof