Door Ferret or Hamster

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This door is ideal for small rodents and follows the same formula as our rabbit and guinea pig ones with sliding door closures and the option to connect to pipe with the Pipe Door or just have an opening with the Non-Pipe door. The 4  & 3"inch pipes are strong but bendy and you can coil overhead attached to the ceiling or wall to give these agile creatures a lot of fun. Use it to link areas together or simply use the door as a route in your housing. Size of whole 4" door 16mmsq and central hole in door from 70mm to 85mm. The pipe that goes with the door is 4 inch diameter (85mm for running through). Please choose the best door aperture for you by adding an order note.

Supplied with fixings to suit either wood (10mm allowance, please ask if wood is thicker) or mesh - requires a small hole to be cut but the door will seal the edges of this cut. If you prefer not to cut your cage or run then order two small 1x1 connector plates to go with this kit.


One Ferret or hamster Door

Order any pipe or connector plates as required.