Dig Tunnel / Hide Free Standing
Dig Tunnel / Hide Free Standing
Dig Tunnel / Hide Free Standing
dig den pipe rabbit hide
den pipe hide dig rabbit
Runaround: Rabbit and Guinea Pig Runs

Dig Tunnel / Hide Free Standing

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The den pipe free standing makes a great hideaway for small furries in winter or summer. Its cosy and can be filled with hay or soil. In summer soil will offer some coolness like a burrow. Now with an opening hinge front for easy access and a clear backing panel to keep soil in but allow you to see inside. You can choose for this panel to be a colour if preferred.

It gives somewhere to bolt to safety and fits perfectly with our wish to provide rabbits and guinea pigs with options to look after themselves naturally as they would in the wild. Comes with options of den pipe lengths.

Place it in the exercise area as a stand alone and fill with hay or soil as preferred.  It just sits off the ground so will keep rabbits warm in cold weather.


Den Pipe with rabbit motif

Mesh Stands

Acrylic end and clamps

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