Connection Kit - Bigger Bunnies

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  • 2 x 8" Doors with clear closures 
  • 1 x 8" Burrow Pipe
  • Screw Fixings (Mesh 45mm - 8mm gap) (Wood 60mm - 16mm gap) 
  • For *bespoke screw length* order here)

The Connection Kit is our original product that securely links any two enclosures, suitable for mesh or wooden fixings.

Linking your pet's housing space to their outdoor run is the ideal way to give them the freedom they need, even when you're away from home.

The Clear Door Closures allow you to keep your small furries in one section of their run whilst you clean or change a part of their set-up! These closures slide into place even whilst the pipe is attached, making the process efficient and easy. 

The 8" doors and pipe suit large rabbits heavier than 4kg, such as Continental Giants. However, most rabbits suit 6” pipe available in the primary Connection Kit.

The 8" pipe is 7.5 inches diameter inside. It is a stiffer pipe than the 6 inch but it can still bend. The 8ft will be better for curving or going down a few steps. The 12ft and 16ft will give you more flexibility and make your set-up more manoeuvrable.

If you would like any variation that is not listed here please contact us


How to Connect your Runaround Door