Runaround Door - Ferret

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The Clover Door is designed to be fixed to any enclosure, and firmly secure Burrow Pipe if desired. This closeable doorway transforms your small furries home into an interconnected system that you can expand over time.


1 x Clover Door (includes sliding closure)

Screw Fixings for Mesh/Wood panels up to 10mm thickness

Bespoke screws [link here]

Key Features:

  • Fixings are strong and secure.
  • Connects firmly to Burrow Pipe.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor enclosures.
  • Robust design built to last through all weathers.

The Clover Door is designed to hold Burrow Pipe firmly to make a exit/entrance with a slot for sliding clear closure.

If you do not require a Burrow Pipe connection and just need an entrance/exit, please choose the Non-Pipe Clover Door