Burrow Pipe - Hamster

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Burrow Pipe is the connective tubing used to link enclosures and providing spaces for your hamsters to explore and enjoy!


  • 1 x Burrow Pipe (3-inch diameter)

Key Features:

  • Burrow Pipe is flexible, especially in longer lengths.
  • Burrow Pipe is perforated, meaning it is ventilated and drains quickly.
  • Connects easily to the variety of Runaround products!
  • Use cable ties to attach to higher locations, such aviary walls.

Available in different lengths placing inside hamster enclosures/indoor environments. The 3-inch Burrow Pipe is strong but bendy, and you can coil overhead attached to the ceiling or wall to give these agile creatures a lot of fun. Use it to link areas together or simply use the pipe inside to provide some fun and hiding potential.

Burrow Pipe can connect to all Runaround products and is usually secured at each end with a Ferret Clover Door. It also makes a great addition when placed inside a run, providing a place for your small furries to explore or hide inside! 

All pipe has small holes which provide ventilation and constant drainage, meaning water cannot build-up inside. Sometimes there may be small scuff or scratch marks on this product. However, it would never affect the integrity of the pipe and is incurred because of the way it is delivered to us.