Runaround: Rabbit and Guinea Pig Runs

Den Connection Kit (no doors, Large Rabbit)

The den pipe is a rigid double walled pipe of a 9 inch internal diameter (10.5" outer) so it fits any bunny as well as the larger bunnies. It makes a straight bridge tunnel from one area to another.

This kit comes with all you need to make safe any holes you cut in your mesh and the connector plates which usually sit on the ground and hold the den pipe 3 inches high. They fit to your shed or mesh making a slide in pocket for the pipe. The pipe can be easily removed at any time and safely locked when it is in. You can fix them in an elevated location if you wish.


Den Pipe

2 Connector plates

2 mesh locking panels

Ratchet clips

For wood  - metal fixing tabs

For mesh - clip on binders and cable ties

Mesh door blocker

You can close the connection at the run end while allowing your rabbit to use the den pipe to hide in from the hutch end.

You can add a 5 or 6" runaround simple door to this to seal any sheds or playhouses from the wind at night.

For continental giants (5kg) we recommend the 6" door. Anything bigger test your bunny first in a cardboard box and we can make a door to suit.

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What is runaround?

Runaround is a connective rabbit or guinea pig run system that can attach any hutch to any run. This is possible with a Runaround door and burrow pipe which safely transports your pet out of its hutch and into the run. Add on Runaround tunnels to increase the distance your pet can travel or go for a complete overland warren with den pipe digs and hay hutches, and Top Boxes all adding lots to do!

Your pet shows more of its character and has constant access to the perfect food, grass, as well as more exercise and interest.

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