large run spacious rabbit
large run spacious rabbit
large run spacious rabbit
Runaround: Rabbit and Guinea Pig Runs

Mesh Rabbit or Guinea Pig Run 8 x 4ft

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A strong and long lasting large run made of 4ft panels,  15, 24 or 30 inches high with hinged top opening lids.

Made from pre-galvanised 3mm thick 3x1" mesh with all cut edges treated.

15" high is for guinea pigs only.

Actual size 96 x 48".


6 x 4ft Side Panels, long sides are pre-hinged together, the end panels clip on with ratchet clips.

3 x Roof Sections - 2 hinged together and the other ready to be clipped

Ratchet Clips & Ground Pegs

Hay Tubes x 2

5 x 6" square apertures (2 on one end) with hinged blockers, 2 on one short end.

Can be linked to a Top Box in future or other Runaround

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