Mesh Box (24")

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A strong, long lasting 2ft square box in 3x1 inch mesh with two apertures for cornering cut 3" up from ground to allow for the fitting of both the normal and the large runaround door.

Pre-galvanised 3mm thick mesh with all cut edges treated.

Apertures are 6" square. All rabbits including giants up to 5.5kg can squeeze through this aperture. If you need a larger opening we can do this for you for exceptions. 

Also offered in Guinea Pig size (15 inches high) with ground level apertures.

All mesh tunnels and boxes clip together with Ratchet Clips. (see Fixings).

Available with 4 apertures with hinged closures on all.

2 exit box is supplied with 1 loose door blocker. If you need more please add these to your order.


  • Ratchet Clips
  • Ground pegs