Burrow Tray

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A tray with a rather fun bunny exit. Fits all size of rabbit and can link to an 8 inch exit pipe if set a higher level. This is used effectively in our Watch Tower plus.

The tray measures 47 inches long x 23 inches wide x 6 inches deep.

It can been located in the end of a run or alternatively in the corner of one or inside a shed.

Wood or mesh fixings available with the tray and the mesh brackets.

You can purchase it by itself, with a burrow exit or with a pipe exit.

Recommended height for fixing without pipe is 9 inches.

Recommended height for fixing with a pipe exit is 18 inches height to base of tray. In the Watch Tower Plus you do not require a platform for jumping from the side but if fitting elsewhere bear this in mind. We also offer the tray without the hole.


Tray with burrow hole

Brackets for fixing (option of wood or mesh)

8 inch pipe exit (fits all bunnies)

You may wish to add a pipe protecting end if your bunnies are likely to chew exposed pipe edges.