Burrow Tray

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A tray with a rather fun bunny exit. Fits all size of rabbit and can link to an 6 inch exit right angle if set a slightly higher level. 

A longer pipe exit can be used effectively in our Watch Tower plus. This enclosed space means the rabbit won't be tempted to jump down from too high a height.

The tray measures 47 inches long x 23 inches wide x 6 inches deep.

It can been located in the end of a run or alternatively in the corner of one or inside a shed.

Wood or mesh fixings available with the tray and the mesh brackets. Choose 'no fixings ' for just the tray with a hole.

Recommended height for fixing without pipe is 9 inches.

We also offer the tray without the hole.


Tray with burrow hole

Brackets for fixing (option of wood or mesh)

6 inch right angle exit (fits most bunnies)