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Rabbit Run Starter Kit


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6 inches


A run complete with a handy pipe link to attach to your shed or hutch with enough flexibility to reach new grass.

There is a choice of 6 inch or 8 inch pipe. The 8 inch suits continental giants and french lops over 4kg in weight. Most rabbits fit the 6 inch pipe even if you think they are big!

The runs are light to move but sturdy and can easily connect to further runaround mesh tunnels or pipes in the future. The mesh is made from 3mm thick pre-galvanised weld wire in 3x1 inch with all cut edges treated.

If you would prefer a different length of pipe this is also possible - add in additional information and we will sort this out.


2 x Doors (with slide in closures)

1 x  12ft 6 or 8 inch Burrow Pipe

Pipe Hoops

1 x  4ft x 30" Run, 78 x 30" Run, 4x4ft or 8x4ft Run

Height 30" unless you request 24"

2 x Hay Tube (only with 8 x 4 run)

Ground Pegs

Ratchet Clips

4-5 x Rabbit size Exits with Blockers (2 on one end)

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