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Mesh Tunnel High or Wide


1 Hatch
Ends x 2


A 4ft long mesh tunnel. Built from 10 gauge (3mm) galvanised weld mesh. Can link to more tunnels and boxes and to pipe by means of a tunnel adapter end. You will still need a door or pipe clamp to hold the pipe securely. There is a 3 inch return on base for stabilty on hard ground and for pegging in on grass. If creating a tunnel end you may need a mesh door blocker.

High - 4ft long, 1ft wide and 22" high

Wide  - 4ft long,16" wide and 18" high

Tunnels connect to other tunnels and boxes with ratchet clips, a secure fastening you can undo when required. We supply ratchet clips and ground pegs with your tunnel purchase. 

In the high and wide tunnel there is an option to have a hatch for access. 

These are light to move quickly onto fresh grass and work well down one side of a garden or narrower space.

Last picture here shows a stamdard tunnel being prepared for a deep dig.

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