Rabbit Top Box on its own


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The Top box is a box with 2 exits and a tray that fits. It doesn't have to be used on top but there is the option to do that. Here we give you the chance of buying it on its own without pipe, doors or base box. You can then fit it into your current set up or buy a connection kit to use with it. It will suit both normal and large connection kits. In 3x1 inch mesh.

We recommend you fix two entrances to this box as the rabbits will use it far more if you do. They need two exits for safety and psychological reasons being a animal that is preyed upon.


1 24" Box with 2 exits

1 Hay Wall

Inner tray

Wrap and Roof Cover with insulated layer - with sewn in insulating layer.

1 x Door Blocker

Ratchet Clips

Ground pegs x 4 (can be located on ground) If putting on a hard surface ask for metal tabs to fix with screws or ties.


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