Door for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs



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 A strong acrylic door in two parts which fit sandwich style over the mesh on the front of your hutch after you have created an aperture. Can also be fitted to the wooden side of the hutch. We allow 10mm for wood thickness. Ask for longer screws if yours is thicker. If the hutch mesh is too weak we would advise you to use the wood or replace with sturdy mesh or a Runaround connector plate made to size. All doors (apart from the Non-Pipe Door) connect to the burrow pipe (please order this separately or instead buy a Connection Kit ) which then allows your rabbit or guinea pig to come out into the safety of your run. The sliding and double doors can be both closed and can hold pipe at the same time.

The door is now a Mark 5. Mark 4 doors can easily upgrade to Mark 5 on Sliding Door Mk 5 Upgrade. The pipe is easier to take in and out of this door but the hold is still strong.

The Non-Pipe Door does not hold the pipe. It has a sliding door closure for easy shutting or opening.

Comes with full instructions and its best to cut the hole once you have the door for positioning not beforehand. 

For the giant rabbits (4kg plus) the 8" Bunny door is best and the larger 8" burrow pipe. 

Assembly VideoHow to assemble your Runaround Door

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