Connection Kit


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A popular connection kit from hutch or shed to run.


  • 2 x Mk 5 Runaround Sliding Doors with clear closures
  • 1 x 4ft, 8ft,12ft or 16ft Pipe


  • you can add pipe hoops to secure your pipe into soft ground
  • you can add a pipe sleeve for a double protected zone for rabbits who like to hide in the pipe. 

The 6"pipe bends quite easily. As a guide most rabbits fit the 6 inch pipe up to 4kg in weight. After this weight you may be best choosing the 8 inch pipe (Connection Kit for Large Rabbits).

You will need to cut an aperture in wooden side or the mesh front of your hutch. It is best to wait for the door before cutting this hole to position it correctly. In your run you need a similar hole unless you happen to have a doorway which is no more than 6-7" square.

If you have a larger side doorway and prefer not to cut your run or hutch add on a Connector Plate (a square of our mesh with a ready made aperture for fixing) with this kit. The clover shaped door covers an area of 8" square and seals any rough edges from your cut. The central hole is just under 5".

You can always check the 5 inch hole by cutting it in a card board box and popping your rabbit in to see how swiftly or easily he escapes.

Wood fixings are included and allow for 10mm. Let us know if your wood is thicker.

The sliding door is closable from the outside of the run or hutch without removing the pipe. It is possible to fit the sliding door sideways if you don't have enough height to drop the closing panel in. 

 If you would like any variation that is not listed here please contact us

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