Deluxe Connection Kit 2


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Often customers have a hutch and run and wish to link up - here is a versatile connection kit with two tunnels and two pipes to give you enough flex to move both your run and the tunnels easily. It also offers 8ft of extra run and 8 to 24ft of pipe wriggle room.

When choosing colours we give one option but are happy to send you up to four different coloured doors or a tunnel shade in a different colour from the doors. Add an order note to clarify your choice if the options aren't there.

Picture shows standard tunnels which are 1ft x 1ft.  Wide is 16" wide and 18 high, High is 1ft wide and 22" high.Mesh is 3 x 1 inch. Wide or high tunnels can come with a hatch access. The default is no hatch but you may request one tunnel to have one.


  • 2 Connection kits 4, 8 or 12ft long
  • 4 sliding doors
  • 2 Mesh Tunnels  (standard, high or wide)
  • 2 Tunnel Adapter Ends
  • Tunnel Shade
  • Ratchet Clips 
  • Ground pegs


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