Den Snug

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  • Den Pipe with rabbit motif
  • Clear Acrylic access point  
  • Optional Pipe Clamp to connect directly to Burrow Pipe

The Den Snug is the perfect hideaway for your rabbits or guinea pigs. The free-standing model is great inside an outdoor run, exercise area, or indoors. Alternatively, you can opt for a model to fit Burrow Pipe, integrating your Den Snug into your set-up. 

A bolt-hole is ideal for making your rabbits feel safe and allows them to look after themselves naturally as they would in the wild. The acrylic ends support the pipe so you can pop it straight on the ground. The entrance is 6 inches in diameter and should suit both large and small rabbits.

In winter or summer, it is cosy and can be filled with hay or soil. In summer soil will offer some coolness like a burrow. 

Den pipe lengths are variable and the two ends ready to fix to either 6 or 8" pipe. (you will need to order the burrow pipe to attach if you don't have some already).