Clear Dig

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  • Clear dig box measuring 609mm x 355mm by 411mm high or 2ft by 1ft by 16" high
  • Clover (your choice of colour)

Optional Additions:

The Clear Dig was invented primarily for the National Pet Show so everyone could see rabbits behaving as rabbits! It can be used inside or outside - it comes with clovers to highlight the doorway (free-standing) or with complete pipe fitting doors. 

The Clear Dig box measures 609mm x 355mm x 411mm high, or 2ft x 1ft x 16” high. Our rabbits are often to be found inside as it provides a unique habitat where they can enjoy digging in soil without damaging your lawn. You can use compost, soil, sand or a deep bed of hay to provide a space for your rabbits of your choosing. From experience rabbits enjoy having access to soil or compost which they enjoy lying on just as much as digging!

Roof shades over a curved mesh lid can be added to provide additional protection for hot days. Placing the dig under natural shade also works well with the mesh roof and no cover. In winter the sun makes the sheltered dig a great place for your rabbits to feel protected from the elements. The dig also works well with a clear dig stand