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A strong square of our 3x1 mesh with a ready cut aperture of 6" square set centrally 3" from the base. If you require a slight variation on our standard size just add this a note to your order. (eg 10x12 not 12x12") Usually the connector plate needs to be slightly larger (1 or 2 inches) than the opening you are covering.

Available sizes 12, 14 x 15 and 18" square or your own bespoke size.

Please email your measurements to us indicating the vertical and horizontal length. It is helpful if you note that the mesh is 3 x 1 so the height measurement needs to be divisible by 3. 

If fitting to wood supplied with strong metal tags for you to bolt to your hutch or run frame with your own screws. 

If fitting to mesh supplied with cable ties. Cable ties can also be used to fix around wooden frames.

If you prefer a large clover instead of a connector plate we can accommodate up to 330mm diameter clover. 

If ordering for smaller animals such as ferrets or hamsters please tell us so we can send the right mesh (1x1 for hamsters) and if your ferret can escape 3x1 then maybe 1x1 for them too.

Bespoke connector is up to 36" square and large bespoke is 54 x 36".