Tall Tunnel for Chickens

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The Tall Tunnel is 1 metre high (3.3ft) 

The base area is 60cm x 120cm (2ft x 4ft). You can increase the 4ft length easily by linking tunnels together - making the longest run you want! (pictures show two tunnels joined making an 8ft run)

Suitable for narrow gardens or linking enclosures together. For example, linking an aviary and shed, with the option of keeping the tunnels covered. 

The connecting end is be fitted with an opening exit measuring 30cm Square (1ft sq). This exit has a mesh closure hinged on and is positioned at ground level.

The optional "Hatch" is a 50cm x 30cm (20" x 12") hinged opening on the side of the tunnel that provides easy access inside, perfect for placing food or treats!

Optional: Tunnel Covers - available in green, grey with option for clear sides.

This tunnel gives flexibility as you can cover sections of it to floor level and rain will not collect on the curved shape. As such, you can purchase a weather proof cover which allows chickens to be free but sheltered during the day. This is especially useful in times of avian flu, providing a safe outside area.