Rabbit Run (4ft Square)

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  • 1 x Run 4ft square 
  • 1 x Large Access Point & 3 x Bunny Access point (2 on one end)
  • Ratchet Clips and Ground Pegs 
  • (optional canvas roof shade)

This exceptionally strong tall and easily extendable run provides plenty of height for your rabbits to stretch their legs! It measures 1 metre high, in line with RWAF height recommendations. The base is 4ft square (1.2m) and you can add 4ft extensions on to double it to 8, 12, 16 or more. Please see Rabbit Run Extension.

Runaround are unique for using 3mm (10 gauge) pre-galvanised weld wire mesh that is strong and durable, meaning it will not rust and can easily last over 10 years.

The 3x1 inch spaces are designed to keep out predators, such as foxes and stoats.

There is a 3-inch return (bend back) on the base to help stabilise the run and provide a place to peg your run into soft ground. If settling on hard ground opt for additional Brick Retainers.

To link this product to the rest of your housing please see our Connection Kit.

The Roof Shade is perfect for protecting your rabbits from wind, sun, or rainwater. Made made from strong, tent awning material it provides an efficient barrier to the weather, the pitched design eliminating any build-up of standing water. 

Roof Shade with Sides option turns one end of the run into a comfortable space for your rabbits to relax and be sheltered. There are 3 clear drop-down sides which attach to the roof cover and prevent the weather getting in at one end of the run.

Additional components such as a Burrow Tray can be easily inserted using the top roof or large end opening.