Guinea Pig - Run Starter Kit Deluxe

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  • 2 Connection Kits with 2 doors and an 8ft pipe
  • 1 Run with 2 exits, measuring 4ft square (1.22m square)
  • 1 Wide Mesh Tunnel, 2 x Tunnel Adapter Ends
  • Ground Pegs, Pipe Hoops, Ratchet Clips

The Run Starter Kit Deluxe provides an exciting way to link your housing unit to a Run via a mesh tunnel and two 8ft Connection Kits. This set-up provides your guinea pigs with an extensive space to stretch their legs and explore. The length of pipe provided has flexibility to allow the easy moving of the run to reach fresh grass! 

This run is 21-inches high at the centre of the curved roof, dropping down to 15-inches on the side. We use 3mm (10 gauge) pre-galvanised weld wire mesh that is strong and durable, meaning it will not rust and can last over 10 years.

The 3x1 inch spaces are designed to keep out predators, such as foxes and stoats. 

The Tunnel is 4ft in length 16 and 18 inches high (121 x 41 x 56cm) and are the ideal place for your Guinea Pigs to stretch their legs and enjoy some outdoor foraging. You may wish to add a Tunnel Canvas Shade to create a shaded area for your rabbits to relax outside, protected from the rain or sun. 


    Highly recommended for extra security Pipe Sleeve

    You could add a Run Cover