Run Covers (to fit Pitched Roof)

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Designed for our pitch roof but will also fit the curved or older flat roof

  • Roof Shade (1 x Grey Cover) 56 x 48" (142 x 122cm)
  • Clear drops (3 x Clear Cover to protect one end of the run from weather) Choose drops only for use with the new pitch roof run design

Our run shades are made from a light grey strong coated waterproof polyester. The Light Grey material is an efficient barrier to sun, wind and rainwater, with our pitched design eliminating the build-up of standing water. 

The "Roof Shade" protects the top of your run, shading from sunlight and keeping out rainwater in combination with our new pitched run designs. 

The option for '"Roof Shade & Sides" includes the roof shade and 3 side covers (drop-downs), these sides attach easily with velcro to your top cover. This option transforms one end of your run into a protected space for your rabbits to relax whatever the weather and is ideal for adding a burrow tray

You can buy the "drop-downs" separately and connect them to our new "roof shade", making it easier to buy bit by bit.