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hutch top box rabbit
hutch top box rabbit
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Rabbit Top Box
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Rabbit Top Box
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Runaround: Rabbit and Guinea Pig Runs

Rabbit Top Box

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A living area - this is the Runaround alternative to a hutch - which can link to your own run or other housing. Now designed for you to have easier access to the Top Box by placing it on top of a 30" square box which is at a reduced height of 24". This also makes it easier to move as a unit.

Wire, mesh and plastic are not going to rot and are simple to clean. The bunny has an upstairs to run to for safety, hiding, warmth and shelter - a room with a view. As demonstrated at the National Pet Shows 2016. Rabbits have the perfect bolt hole in the Top box where they can happily hide from danger whilst still having a view on the world. They also keep each other warm inside and up to four bonded bunnies snuggle happily in one box. If you have a larger bonded group consider a hay hutch as a second bedroom!

Made from pre-galvanised 3mm thick 3x1" mesh with all cut edges treated.

Available with normal sized doors and 6 inch pipe and also the larger doors and 8 inch pipe. The larger doors and pipe suit rabbits heavier than 4kg (approx 10lb).


1 x 30 x 24" Box with 4 rabbit exits, two with hinged closures and an access point

1 x 24" Top Box with 2 exits. Impermeable PVC Roof cover including roof lift and Wrap with bunny spy holes in non tear waterproof PVC with sewn in insulation layer.

Plastic Tray to fit inside of 24" Box

Hay Wall for easy feeding and extra insulation

4 x sliding Runaround doors

2 x 6ft Burrow Pipes

18 no. Ratchet Clips

6 no. Ground Pegs 2 x Door Blockers

2 x Pipe Hoops


This page is being updated to help you work out what run system is best for you.

Layouts can be made to suit the size and shape of your garden. You can start by simply connecting your own hutch to your own run so your pet has the choice of being in or out. You can do this with a Connection Kit.

It is easiest to link our runs with a long pipe for moving to fresh grass each day. All Runaround is light yet strong so one person can move the mesh boxes and tunnels by themselves and they clip together easily with our ratchet clips and can be put in different configurations. It is possible to also link a series of mesh tunnels giving the rabbit a great sprint length. Circuits are liked by bunnies and we recommend two exits in at least one or two parts of your set up. You can work out which one will suit you the best and if you need help send us measurements and we can draw some options for £15 design time.

Connection kit - Connect your hutch to your run

Connection Kit


This is our most popular product. It includes 2 Sliding Doors and burrow pipe (your choice of length)






Run Starter Kit - add a run to your connection kit

Runaround Run Starter KitThis could be the next stage. Already have a connection kit, now add a run, maybe a 4 x 4 or an 8 x 4 for the ideal amount of space for your bunny. 






Den Hide - add a safe and cosy hideaway for your bunnies

Dig Tunnel / Den hide


A place for your bunny to hide and keep warm in the winter. This is made up from a length of den pipe, 2 mesh holders and 2 doors. 





Assembly Instructions

We include instructions with all of our runs to make it as easy as possible for you to assemble your Runaround. To make it even easier you can find videos below which walk you through the set up. (more videos to follow)

Mk4 Door Video - (how to assemble your door)


Mk4 Door video from Runaround Ltd on Vimeo.

There are a great many variations which give you a lot of choice at first, once you have one part you will get the idea and expand when you're ready. 

We have learned here from the experience of having 12 rescue bunnies and the set ups we would recommend now are the ones that are easiest to move with one person. Here is the concept wie developed for your convenience:

We have four bunnies who live in the elevation added above which is pretty quick to move to and provides all the shelter and warmth they need whilst providing 24 hour access to 54sq foot of grass forage. We find foxes don't dig in because the rabbit can move to safety and hide. Rabbits respect the enclosure and ours don't seem to dig out as this would allow others in. 

The two exits are essential for an animal whose first resort is to flee from danger. They are happiest when they know there is another way out just incase. This is why being caged in one area either a run or a hutch can be terrifying for a rabbit as a clever fox only has to work out how to break into one space where dinner is served once he gets in.

The fox is both lazy and clever and doesn't bother if he perceives the rabbit has the upper hand. At the very least burying a section of the pipe (shallow bury in soft flower bed or just turfing over a bit of overland pipe) will fool a fox the bunny has gone to ground. The rabbit will lie quietly there and come up later when the danger has gone. Hay hutches and top boxes are inaccessible to the fox and he can't scent the rabbit so well. These dens need the two entrances for the rabbit to feel safe and relaxed.

For any queries contact us via e-mail on may ring us on 07791 543 302 or 0161 928 2994 (mobile is usually better during the day).

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