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  • 30" Base 
  • Clear fronted Top Box with two access points at the rear
  • Curved Roof 
  • Insulated Wrap with velcro and fastenings for wind 
  • Inner Tray 
  • Hay Wall 
  • 2 x 6ft pipes 
  • 4 x Runaround Doors 
  • Fixings (ratchet clips, ground pegs or brick retainers, extra fastenings for cover)
  • Fixing option for hard or soft ground 

The Top Box is a light and movable rabbit house with a viewing front panel that both you and the Rabbit will enjoy. It can be covered at night or in very hot weather, whereas during the winter months it offers somewhere to sunbathe out of the wind.

The back the Top box opens easily as sections of the cover lift up and allow you to change the hay wall, add to the bedding, and easily removing the tray. It provides a great fox hide-away or bolt hole, providing a warm and sheltered housing unit.

The mesh used is 3mm, pre-galvansised, weld wire mesh – meaning it will not rust and can last over 10 years.

It works well as a stand-alone ready to connect to a run but you can connect it to a run via a deluxe connection kit (Top Box Deluxe) or to your own run and housing.

The Watch Tower Plus incorporates the Top Box to make a larger and extra protected housing space with a 6-inch deep tray.