High Mesh Tunnel (den suspension)

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  • 1 High Mesh Tunnel 
  • Rachet Clips and Ground Pegs 
  • (optional suspended den pipe)
  • (optional hatch opening for easy access) 

This mesh tunnel is 4ft long and has a centre height of 20" (50.8cm) and width of 10" (25.4cm).

Chose a Den Pipe Suspension option to add an exciting space to the roof of this tunnel but we advise 2 tunnels minimum if including den pipe as a permanent feature in order to allow room for hopping in and out.

Your rabbits can jump through the raised pipe for fun, or use it as a bolt-hole to hide from nosey predators.

With appropriate bedding, this den pipe also makes a warm retreat where your rabbits can hide from the wind and rain, whilst still being outside and nearby tasty grass!

The tunnel is built from 3mm (10 gauge) pre-galvanised weld wire mesh that is strong and durable, meaning it will not rust and can last over 10 years.

The 3x1 inch spaces are designed to keep out predators, such as foxes and stoats.

There is a 3-inch return (bend back) on the base to help stabilise the tunnel and provides a place to peg your run into soft ground. 

Tunnels connect to other tunnels and runs with ratchet clips, a secure fastening you can undo when required. We supply ratchet clips and ground pegs with your tunnel purchase. 

You can even connect to the pipe through the use of a tunnel adapter end. You will still need a door or pipe clamp to hold the pipe securely. 

Now available with a side hatch opening for ease of access. (See picture)


If requiring the tunnel to be an end in itself add a Door Blocker. Can also now connect to den pipe with the Wide Den Connector.