Burrow Trays

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Various trays perfect for bedding, litter, and general enrichment! Combine with Burrow Tray Supports to create an elevated area for your bunnies to enjoy.

Key Features

  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Perfect for bedding or litter tray requirements.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor set-ups.
  • All trays are sturdy and durable


  • 1 x Burrow Tray (optional supports)

If choosing to include Burrow Tray Supports, we recommend a height of 9-inches above ground.

Burrow Tray – a 4ft x 2ft tray, usually placed inside our Rabbit Run.

Burrow Tray + Exit – includes a circular exit that fits all size of rabbit and can link to a 6-inch Burrow Pipe Corner if set a slightly higher level. 

2ft Square Top Box Tray – Used inside our Top Box, measures 2ft Square  

Lookout Tray – Previously used in Lookouts, suitable for use in other runs.

Useful Tray – 31" x 16" x 2-inches depth. Fits inside a Wide Tunnel. Can also be placed anywhere it is useful in your rabbit or guinea pig area.