Dig Tunnel & Hide

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  • Den Pipe with rabbit motif
  • Mesh Holders with open hinge front
  • 2 x Doors

This den pipe intersects two pipes and makes a great hideaway for your rabbits in winter or summer. It is cozy and can be filled with hay or soil.

In summer soil will offer some coolness like a burrow. The opening hinge provides easy front access, whilst the clear backing panel keeps soil in but allows you to see inside.

Moreover, this space is a great bolt-hole where your rabbits will feel safe, behaving as they would naturally in the wild.

Den pipe lengths are variable and the two ends ready to fix to either 6 or 8" pipe. (you will need to order the smaller pipe to attach if you don't have some already).

Alternatively, you can place the Den Tunnel in an exercise area as a stand-alone and fill with hay or soil as preferred. This will be cheaper as you won't need the doors. (see Dig Tunnel and Hide free standing). It just sits off the ground so will keep rabbits warm in cold weather.